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The Sound of Change

The Sound of Change is a seven-week, language arts, music and theater appreciation program that utilizes the themes presented in the national touring Broadway production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Musicto engage high school and middle school students in a unique and interactive learning experience.

From the week of February 7, 2017 - March 23, 2017, 35 students will attend a series of two-hour, twice weekly workshops at the Palace Theater that will incorporate hands-on activities, reading and writing assignments and group discussions that explore the unifying and healing power of music. In addition to analyzing the central role that music plays in the Von Trapp Family's story, students will also study the role that mainstream music has played in catalyzing social change and inspiring hope throughout American history.

As the main educational component of the program, students will work with teaching artists to draw a link between the poetic devices learned in English class and the various rhyme schemes and poetic devices employed when writing songs and modern hip-hop lyrics. For their final project, students will be responsible for writing their own original song lyrics or hip hop bars that incorporate these devices and are based on socially conscious themes they deem important. They will then present their projects in front of an audience of their peers during an intimate poetry slam at the theater.

 In addition to attending these workshops, participants will:

  • Receive complimentary tickets to attend the national touring Broadway production of The Sound of Music at the Palace Theater during the week of March 7, 2017, with the opportunity to participate in a post-show “Q&A” with the cast

  • Participate in an interactive panel of guest speakers from a variety of music-related fields (eg. record producer, music therapist, music historian), who will discuss the ability of song to inspire hope, combat depression/ illnesses, be an anthem for change, and give a voice to the voiceless.

  • Research and analyze socially conscious songs like John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changing,” and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” and learn how these records became anthems for peace and social change that galvanized action throughout different times in American history.

The Sound of Change is a grant funding program sponsored by the American Savings Foundation. Thirty-five spots are available for interested students and participation is free.

For more information on how YOUR school or student can participate in this program, contact Jennifer Zembruski at 203-346-2005, or [email protected]



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