See and hear the music, while discovering the story behind rock's greatest band. This two hour multi-media retrospective, features selections from every Led Zeppelin album!

Featuring hauntingly-exact song renditions performed by highly-talented musicians, Hammer of the Gods, effortlessly, fulfills its promise and brings a truly unique and awe-inspiring Led Zeppelin experience to its audience. The band's own dedication to, and love for, Led Zeppelin shine through with every well thought out detail of every show.

Hammer of the Gods boasts “a show for all ages!” Enthusiastic fans range in age from pre-teens and teens, experiencing a new love for Led Zeppelin and their first live concert, to veteran fans who have adored Led Zeppelin for 40 years. Crowd reactions are nothing less than stellar at every show!

Skeptic’s doubts are laid to rest the moment the first note is played: As one fan puts it, “Thirty seconds into the show I was in awe. Nothing could have prepared me for this experience. If someone told me I would be seeing Led Zeppelin live right before my eyes I would have said they were crazy. I was wrong. I can’t wait to see them again!”

Fans of all ages escape to another time and place as they are treated to a great rock and roll show, and for this, they love to show their support! They come back again and again — just to relive the amazing Hammer of the God's "Led Zeppelin experience."