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The Marquee Society of Women

The Marquee Society of Women was formed in 2017 to bring together women who wish to support and applaud the Palace Theater, and its arts education and programmatic offerings.  A unique feature of this giving society is the opportunity to have your name in lights on the Palace’s marquee, or a personal message celebrating a special occasion.

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"As a Founding Member of the Marquee Society, I am proud to be a part of this initiative as we garner support from women in the community."

  Danielle Shaker

“I am so inspired to be part of a group of women who have come together for the greater good, and with one common goal – to support the arts and our majestic Palace Theater.”

  Trish Lindenman, Marquee Society Founding Member

“The Marquee Society is an example of how a group of women can collectively make a huge difference by pooling donations together for a successful campaign.”

  Peg Lawlor, Palace Theater Board Member

“Being a member of the Marquee Society provides me with the opportunity to reconnect with many women in the area who all share a love of the Palace Theater. It is easy to join, affordable, and together, we make a great impact.”

  Lynnette Letsky Piombo, Marquee Society Founding Member

In addition to the marquee message, members will also receive an invitation to a Marquee Society function, inclusion in a group photo, recognition in the theater’s Annual Report, and a connection to other women who appreciate and support the arts.

Message Suggestions include:

Happy Birthday or Anniversary Message

Graduation or Wedding Congratulations

Messages to Friends or Family

In Memory of a Loved One

Your own Name in Lights


Some Examples from Members:

Marquee-Society-Piombo-11-30.jpg  Marquee-Society-Senich-5-31.png

Marquee-Society-Dean-11-10.png  Marquee-Society-Vigliotti-Senich-5-13.png


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