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Open Captioned Performances


The Palace is proud to expand its accessibility programming with the addition of open captioned performances for guests with varying degrees of hearing loss.

Open Captioning is a service that displays the text of a show simultaneously with the performance and does not require the use of any special equipment by the patron. The red captioning appears on an easy-to-read, 4-foot by 1-foot digital screen located above the Open Caption seating area and is therefore “open” to anyone within view. Please refer to the map below for the best seats during open captioned performances. The text is scrolled manually in synchronization with the dialogue on the stage. The script is entered ahead of time so that the captions appear with no time delays and no transcription errors occur during the performance.

If you are interested in seeing a performance with Open Captioning, please call the Box Office at 203.346.2000 to purchase the best available seats within view of the captioning screen.


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