Arts-Based Learning

One of the Palace’s primary objectives involves developing educational programs for diverse audiences, both young and old alike. This has led to the creation of our educational history class, hands-on internship programs, and our arts and academic integrated after-school programs.

After-School Programs

Since 2007, the Palace Theater has offered middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in after-school theater arts appreciation programs based on one of our Broadway presentations that season.

We look to provide students with qualitative arts experiences that encourage creative thought, critical thinking, positive self-expression and the desire to learn. In addition to studying the arts for art’s sake, experiencing and making works of art benefits students in their intellectual, personal and social development.

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High School Internship

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History Class

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Waterbury Arts Magnet School Partnership

The Waterbury Arts Magnet School fully integrates with the Palace Theater, offering students a unique learning experience.

In addition to dedicated performance areas for theater, music and voice in the school, students have the rare opportunity to perform on the Palace Theater stage throughout the year.

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Photo Credit: Palace Theater; UCONN Magazine; Waterbury Arts Magnet School

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