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Legends of Country Rock featuring Poco, Pure Prairie League, & Firefall

November 10, 2018
Legends of Country Rock featuring Poco, Pure Prairie League, & Firefall

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as three country-rock legends; Poco (Crazy Love, Heart of the Night), Pure Prairie League (Aimee, Let Me Love You Tonight), and Firefall (You Are The Woman, Mexico) join forces together for one night only at the Palace Theater in Waterbury!


For more than 50 years, their distinctive harmonies and stellar musicianship helped define the sound of country-rock. Still led by the band co-founder and multi-instrumentalist who wrote and sang their biggest hits, they are a dedicated unit of four formidable songwriters, vocalists, arrangers and players. And rather than rest on any of these considerable laurels, they instead hit stages coast-to-coast armed with the kind of classic songs and instrumental chops that puts performers half their age to shame.
In other words, Poco today is a band reborn.

“Poco has a history unmatched by any band,” says co-founder Rusty Young. “We’ve always been formed by individually unique artists. It’s fate that the four of us came together, and it’s a process of evolution that we’ve become a better and better band.” Poco is Young (steel and acoustic guitars, dobro, mandolin, banjo, vocals), Jack Sundrud (bass, vocals), Michael Webb (keyboards, mandolin, accordion, guitars, vocals) and Rick Lonow (drums, vocals). “We’re so in tune with each other musically and personally,” Young says, “that I consider us to be one of the very best bands that Poco has ever had.”

For Poco, this is more than just a time of rebirth. On record and onstage, it’s the sound of a legendary band once again hitting its stride.

Legends images 500x200_0002_POCO promo 1.jpg

Pure Prairie League

From their beginnings in mid-Sixties Ohio as a group of friends playing cover tunes to the present-day unit featuring founding member/pedal-steel innovator John David Call, veteran bassist Mike Reilly, propulsive drummer Scott Thompson and guitar ace Donnie Clark, PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE continues to embellish the rich 43-year history of one of Country-Rock’s pioneering forces. As one reviewer recently wrote: “PPL’s sound combines sweet memories with edgy, contemporary muscle. Their vocals are as strong as Kentucky moonshine and the musicianship and performance skills are as sharp as a straight razor.”

Their eponymous first album - featuring the Norman Rockwell/Saturday Evening Post cover that introduced fans to PPL’s trademark cowpoke “Sad Luke” - has been hailed as a “major early influence in the emerging popularity of Country-Rock music”.

As crisp and clean as spring water and as comfortable as a well-worn cowboy shirt, Pure Prairie League still brings it all back home.

Legends images 500x200_0000_PPL 2.jpg


The genealogy and musical roots of Firefall run deep into the fertile soil of American rock and folk rock music. Firefall is one of the few surviving bands of this genre, remaining true to its founding vision and roots despite personnel changes over its 40+ year history. The band transcends and embraces many industrial labels- rock, soft rock, country rock, contemporary country, easy listening and Americana.

With the wealth of old and new songs, Firefall demonstrates the depth and diversity of the band's lyrical and musical excellence. Their tight harmonies and intricate vocal arrangements are a fresh reminder of what melodic music is all about. The excellence of musicianship is intensely felt and appreciated by audiences. The response to the solos and many extended "jams" in concert, is an overwhelming infectious helping of fun and spontaneity in the highest degree.

And so, the band has come full circle. In 40 + years of making exceptional music, FIREFALL has distinguished themselves as one of the top bands from the genre of music called Americana. They helped spearhead the birth and continuation of the country rock / folk rock sound of the 70's. Firefall is as vital as ever, standing out as one of the few remaining torchbearers for harmony laden rock; a welcome blast from the past focused firmly on the future.

Legends images 500x200_0001_FIREFALL promo 2017.jpg



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